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Originally Posted by brixx View Post
kjw gbbr which comes to reality and blowback functions this one really kicks. The feel is different though the fps is also differrent the fps on gbbr rely on gas use 134a gas or Green gas (propane). WHile the AEG is electric, you have to have good piston, motor and some o rings and good gears to make higher FPS. Adjusting fps would be a great deal because some games require low fps some requires high fps.but in the end it is you who will be the one to use, Anyway I owe agbbr kjw and wanted to have a back up aeg.
GBBR can also use HPA and CO2 (external and 12g)

*Tanio Koba (Japan) M4A1/ C8
*WA M4 series

*G&P, Inokatsu, Bomber, AGM, JG, KS, and whatever clone left I forgot to mentioned M4 series
*WE M4/SCAR Series
*VFC/ GB-TECH M4/hk416/SCAR SERIES (unreleased)
*GHK AK Series

Internal CO2:
*WE M4/SCAR Series
*GHK AK Series

External CO2/HPA:
Escort MP5, M16A1 series
Daytonaguns AK/M249/M4 series
amongst other classic I forgot to mentioned...which is alot
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