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Originally Posted by Najohn View Post
I'd suggest acu or abu for nature/outside themed fields, if you want to go urban go subdued urban or black I think its called. And to answer your question about the loadouts in movies, its for a better eye appeal to the viewers (anything on black sticks out)
ACU would be pretty stupid for out of doors, especially if you're in a wooded area. Perfectly fine for other applications but really, the thing is almost blue, you'd notice it right away.

I'd suggest you get a desert themed camo, such as Arid CADPAT and a darker one like woodland. Then you can have a mix mash for those areas with a lot of light and dark backgrounds.

I'm pretty sure SWAT etc. wear black because it's terrifying to see 15 guys in all black uniforms with guns come busting through your window, not because it's appealing to viewers.
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