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Well I'm pretty well qualified to assure you that 80% or more of paintball is played privately.
You just don't see it. every week end there are far more players playing private games of milsim paintball, shooting $12 worth of paintball in an afternoon. Thats one of the reason paintball is in a huge ressesion.
That guy in that vidio is dangerous, he is the "godfather" of the paintball wana monapoly. He invented X-ball, and is one of the founders of speedball and the bright color thing that most peopel think is paintball.

In the adrenaline pro shop only 5 out of 100 guns sold are Speedball. and almost 0% of the paint sold is used at a field or for Speedball. paintball is in a huge decline and fields and the companies are going under like crazy.
Fields charge out the ass because it costs out the ass to have a feild. very few gun owners will pay mare then $90/2000 to play at the coolest fields. places that cost 1/2mil to build.

Hug your brothers man.. don't dis em.. 80% of paintballers hate speedball to......

Don't get me wrong Airsoft is still unique and Adrenalines current focas is all about airsoft. We see a huge future for it..

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