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anyway I got some .25 armalists and I must admit I am pretty damn impressed by their accuracy and speed! When I tried an airsoft, I was shooting at a dense forest and didnt really saw the BB... but I shot a half mag now, I tried shooting a sign(about 10'' by 20'') in the park from the inside of my house (about 50-60 ft away), and I hit it with 2 out of every 3 BBs. If you consider I never shot any type of gun whatsoever before apart the time I tried the GBB at the game I assisted to, and the only time I played paintball, I think it is quite good.

The BB flew VERY straight, no drop whatsoever... I'm really impressed!

by the way there was nobody anywhere close to the spot where I was aiming at, don't flame me. it was raining, nobody was outside, and nobody could see me playing with a gun.
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