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do a heavier BB put more stress on the gun? I understand they will hit no harder than a lighter one, since they will be slower, it equals to the exact same energy... but is is it harder on the gun? without being a complete dump, I understand my gun don't have the quality and durability of a TM... lol. So I don't want it to fail on me on my first mag... lol.

I also love the biodegradable aspect. I'm not that much of a green person, but if I have the choice... I do prefer the ecological solution... They are a tiny bit more expensive... but hey... instead of 0.475 cent each BB, its 0.625 cent per BB... lol. big deal...

anyway, based on what you guys are saying and on what the guy from the store just told me on the phone, the 3 brands are pretty equivalent... Armist being their private brand they are a bit less expensive... and they have more diffrent weights... So I'll see if I go with .28 Armist or .25 Bioval for the ecological aspect... I know BB bastards also have some eco friendly BBs, but that store doesn't sell them.
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