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good BB brands and types

I have my GBB now, and while I will probably get stuff like BB bastards, and I will get a propane adaptor and propane tank for it, I just want to give the gun a try. we have a store around here that sells some airsoft stuff. They do not sell light BB Bastards... the have some .28 and .30... but no .20 / .25. they also have some bioval and some armist. both in .20 and .25

I will use a can of green gas for now, but I will definately get the propane adapter eventually.

the gun is an army armament R27 (1911). I know its not the bes brand around... but anyway. What would you guys suggest me? to order some BB bastards and just wait for them to come in, of to go with either Armist or Bioval? are these any good or will they just damage the gun? Also I hesitate between .20 and .25... I think the 20 will go further and faster, but less accurate, while the .25 will be slightly slower and go a shorter distance, but with more precision... So. what do I take? Bioval(.20/.25), armist(.20/.25/.28), bb bastards(.28/.30), or I order and wait for BB bastards (.20/.25)?
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