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Originally Posted by locorocco View Post

as a left handed shot i find it really hard to find any AEGs for left handed people

if any one can help me out??
I'm left handed, but i have been trained to use my right, it's better that way.

In a typical game you will be switching from left to right anyway.

You don't really have to worry about casings and gas because it's Airsoft.

In real life, a bullpup that ejects below or near the muzzle would be ideal, or a left handed carbine.

Just my opinion........god bless opinions.
Originally Posted by BennyBoy View Post
If you were trying to insert a magazine into another magazine then I guess that would be indeed ghey. Inserting a magazine in a magwell seems rather hetero to me. The tape is merely metro, calling it ghey is rather absurd and makes it hard for the metro magazines to socialize with other magazines.
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