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Exclamation SRC G36 GEN II & GEN III full review + SRC G36 VS JG G36 comparaison

Hi guys,

I found these while googling. This should help many people clear up their minds and answers about SRC's quality which is talked all over the forum. Let's try to focus on this post to keep everyone informed here. I tried to find all i can and very informative to help people who wants to consider SRC g36 series.....Please enjoy.

Full review of the SRC G36C & G36K GEN III -

Full review of the TSD (SRC) G36 GEN II

Full review and comparaison of the SRC G36c GEN II VS JING GONG G36c with COMPLETE PICTURES

You can compare both sites to see the improvements and changes from the last generation of G36 which is really great. I hope this helps guys because i know a lot of us are too lazy to google the infos ....
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