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Going back on topic:

Originally Posted by Ayashifx55 View Post
This is a complete review of the TSD/SRC G36 Gen III , you can see the difference visually right away. You get for what you paid for i guess.
Please kindly note this review is for Gen II G36 not the Gen III that 007 and my dealers carries. Major difference between SRC Gen II and Gen III G36's are:

Gen II has 6.08 barrels, Gen III has 6.05 electroplated tight-bores.

Gen II has plastic spring guide, Gen III has aluminum spring guide with steel bearings

Gen II has ABS furniture (handguard etc), GEN III has glass reinforced fiber furniture

Gen II has bushings, Gen III has 8mm steel bearings

Gen II has regular spring, 007's Gen III has M120 spring

Gen II has plastic cylinder head with single o-ring, Gen III has rubber padded aluminum cylinder head with double o-ring

Gen II has regular plastic nozzle, Gen III has POM nozzle with internal o-ring (better air seal)

Gen II has plastic piston head, Gen III has aluminum piston head (unidirectional flow for better air seal)

The new integrated 2x zoom scope in the carry handle has adjustable windage and elevation and can be tuned to spot on accuracy.

All of the above upgraded parts and features work together to give the Gen III better feel, weight, performance, durability and reliability than the Gen II.


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