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Originally Posted by apparition View Post
neither am i but from what ive seen with mine(used from spring to end of summer) its great. maybe not for a super ugraded gun or anything shooting near 400fps spitting out 30bb/s or anything.

@scurvythepirate: ouch that sucks

and like i said maybe i just got lucky with mine :P
Nope, the batteries are made up of poor cells. Sure it'll power your gun, but I highly question the reliability of these batteries... So far out of the probobly 20 "MY GUN BROKE -- NO WAIT ITS JUST MY BATTERY" incidents, I'd say 75% of them were using G&G batteries, now... a large portion of that would be related to the shitty chargers that they come with, but there certainly is some people who's problems stem from the batteries themselves.

It actually will SAVE you money by buying a high quality battery and charger. Spend $100 on a charger and $30 or so on an Intellect of an Elite cell'd battery that can withstand the draw and re-charging over and over... and you wont have to replace your $20 battery every couple of months.

Hell... if I could make up my mind on an AEG for more than a couple months, I'd be willing to bet I'd still be using the same battery that I would have initially purchased
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