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There are alot of paintballers out here have have a mind set close to that of Airsoft, many many end up in paintball so they can include their son in the sport.
There is a huge movement of Paintballers using mags, and 50 roud load outs, CQB has become a huge part of paintball in the Toronto sence. We shoyldn't be to quick to lump all teh paintballers to together. a huge portion of them play like AIrsofters.

paintballs $39/2000 BB's $25/4000
It's not the cost

There are few places that a guy can just go play airsoft for fun. So they end up in paintball. Thats a shame. I agree that True Airsoft milsim games should be for the die hard players.
Should there be an entry level where peopel can just experiance games and equipment? I don't know
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