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Originally Posted by GSK88 View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong but if there's a BB in the chamber, it has to have been cocked at some point no?
you are wrong!!!!

lol. on a real gun, yeah. cause the bullet shoots by itself. on a GBB, it needs the mag to shoot. so if you chamber a BB, remove the mag, shoot, it goes "click!", then put back the mag. you now have a decocked gun, a full magasine, and a chambered BB.

on a real 1911, you can only put it on half cock... unless you do some really unsafe manipulations... lol like shooting, but preventing the hammer to hit the firing pin with something... and then removing that someting with extra care... lol. that would be WAAAAAY less safe than just leaving it cocked, with thumb safety on... lol.
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