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GBB 1911 firing related questions

Okay, my 1911 is supposed to come in today, and I have a question about that.

On a real firearm, if I insert a magasine in it, but dont rack the slide, and cock the hammer manually, there is no bullet in the chamber. If i fire, it'll go CLICK! and thats all. no bullet fires, the slide doesnt come back, the hammer isn't re-cocked, it just goes click!

on an airsoft gun though, what makes the slide to blow back is not the pressure of the explosion in the chamber, but rather the gas that comes from the magasine. with that said, if I dont rack the slide but cock it manually and have a loaded mag in it... if I fire, the gas will shoot right? but what would happen? the gun would act as normal, but no round would fire, and then the next one will shoot a round? can it damage the gun?

also I know that on a real gun, If there is no bullets in the mag of if there is no mag in the gun, I know it can damage the gun to just let go the slide with the slide stop lever cause there is no bullet to act as a kindof shock absorber... on an airsoft gun, is it also damaging or not? maybe the recoil springs are not strong enough to risk damaging the gun... and if it is, is it also damaging if a loaded mag is in it? as a BB is so light it wouldnt absorb much shock compared to a bullet... I would think it does not damage it since it is basically what it does every time you shoot it... But I still wonder if its bad for the gun to let go the slide without BB in the gun, or if I should ride the slide back to prevent damage...

I hope I'm clear in my questions, english is not my main language so please be indulgent

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