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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
no no! Do it
Id die from laughter on the field lol.
As funny as it is, i have to give you props on the effort to making it lol. Seriously. Finish it up and show it off on the forums.

But dude cmon, you really think anyones gonna take it seriously on the field? lol

Neat project for home, but leave it there lol. Dont take it to the field lol.

that reminds me, a buddy of mine has the optimus prime helmet with the voice modulator thingy!
Oh snap! Oh Snap! OH SNAP!!! :P
The only thing I can say is wait until it's finished

With proper paintjob and everything, I'm sure it won't look out of nowhere. And personnally, everything is better than a mesh mask for me.

And I can still wear googles underneath
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