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Post COD MW2 Night-Vision Goggles

I know these aren't a very professional or gameable set of NVGs but someone is going to ask about these things so I might as well do a review on them.

So how do you get these "Limited Edition" NVGs?
- Purchase a PRESTIGE EDITION copy of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for the Xbox 360 or PS3.

Features of the NVGs:

-On/Off switch

-Options for a Daytime or Night time setting

-On or Off Options for a light up LED Ring around the main lense

-Adjustable straps

-Modified Sam Fisher type of NVG look

-Has a handful of Infinity Ward and MW2 decals on it

-A scrollable knob on the lense

Other Features:

-There is a smaller ring of LEDs beside the main lense (to the left of it) but they do nothing from what I can tell, sadly.

-Uses 5 AA batteries oddly. Don't know why its an odd number of batteries the thing uses, and not an even number of batteries like everythinf else uses, but it is so complain to IW if really feel the need too.

Final Thoughts:
Overall a decent pair of NVGs.

I suggest you this if you are a huge COD fan like I am, but if you are looking to get it just for the NVGs, I would recommend you look at something of more higher quality.

These NVGs are very comfy and have a pretty light weight to it, BUT they have only one setting per option, and is very hard to use (walk around with them off). The depth perception when you wear them is very ackward. Don't do something like me an try walking around my house with them on (up and down a stair well); I nearly feel face first down the stairs and nearly walked into the wall going up, not fun.

With that said I don't suggest these for airsofting or atleast serious airsofting games, as they aren't very useful (you wil look "different" when you wear then lets just say).

And the Prestige Edition to get these are atleast $200, atleast thats how much it costed me so I pretty spend $120 or so on these, and $80 for the game itself, the art book, and tank of a box it came in.

Pretty much these are for show and display purposes only, they are too cheap and pricey for airsofting I REPEAT THEY ARE TOO CHEAP AND PRICEY FOR AIRSOFTING!!!!!!!!

I'll post more photos of them later

PS Yes I took the photos in my washroom as the lighting is perfect for photo taking (atleast when I use my phone's camera which in this case I did). And If it looks like my NVGs are positioned ackwardly to my balaclava, note that I havent adjusted the NVGs so my balaclava twisted after taking them on and off my head.
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