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Originally Posted by GuardianWolf View Post
using a loaner isn't a bad idea i find but it gets to be a hassle after a few games
(makes me thing of bronc saddles, once twice ok but if your always borrowing its a pain)
I do see your point about renting however think about it this way, you're probably going to rent 3 or 4 times (and it's mediocre equipment not crappy stuff). By then you should have a good idea about whether or not you like the sport or not and assuming that you get AV'ed the first week by then your AV should have gone through and you can buy whatever to your hearts content.

I actually rented my snowboard equipment from the mountain for my first season out (4 or 5 times) and I really liked it. After that, I picked up my own gear. As much of a hassle as it was to rent, I really liked using mediocre equipment rather than getting some cheap setup with the crappiest equipment out there. It really made a difference and now that I know a bit more about snowboarding and what good equipment is and isn't I can really appreciate using rental stuff.
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