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Originally Posted by safx View Post
You got impatient and decided to
call customs and demand answers...
bad move.

I'm really not surprised the person
you spoke to brushed you off. She's
not responsible for dealing with your
case. She was a tad rude but that's
what can happen when they hold all
the cards and might be having a
bad day. Plus you may have sounded
demanding or had a smug tone.
Impatient??? I paid for a rush 4 days shipping and waited 2 weeks and that's impatient? I called FedEx and they were the ones who refered me to the customs agent. I asked what was the problem with my shipment and she said it's being held and started to be patronizing about "that's what happens when you order prohibited items from some other country". I simply said that according to the memorandum, these particular parts aren't and then she went on that it was a receiver and receivers were (of course) prohibited. Then I simply said that if she actually looked at the gun's image, she would see it's not a receiver at all and that's when she basically said she doesn't care and doesn't want to look it up.

I was also polite throughout, I really don't know how I could've handled it better... Anyway like Brian McIlmoyle said, it's probably going to go to some other expert and have a better chance to get released. If it gets sent back, airsoftglobal already offered to send it back again by regular post wich will go through Mississauga customs instead (takes much longer to be cleared, but at least they seem to have better "experts" there and it goes through).

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