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a few choices

ok, im new to the sport, I'd like top get in it, my question comes down to
should i buy a clear soft to see how much i like to get into it
such as the a tf16 or the umarex hk mp5 or mp7, i know they fall under the clearsoft category
but i also would like for more a realistic feel in my gear then a heap of plastic
using a loaner isn't a bad idea i find but it gets to be a hassle after a few games
(makes me thing of bronc saddles, once twice ok but if your always borrowing its a pain)
could always just wait till im age verified, check the classifieds, im not against spending 500$ish for something that will last and not fall apart(also if i end up not liking the sport, i can sell back to the comunity)

any thoughts from anybody

(note what looks like my fav models are in the m4 category with rails, of a g36 catagory)
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