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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
sent to the receiver... the sender could care less that the item did not make it.. not their problem.
Originally Posted by Oberst08 View Post
Is the item actually seized or is it detained for further examination (ie was it shipped to Regina for determination?)
That's what I thought but she did mention that it would be returned to the sender wich from what you are saying, should not be how it usually goes... It would mean not only doesn't she know how to do her job properly, she doesn't even know the process afterwards...

Originally Posted by Oberst08 View Post
Separately, you can write a letter to the Port Director (person in charge of the office) and District Chief (ie Quebec Region) to get your complaint across about the unprofessional treatment and language you received from the officer and superintendent.
Btw for the record, she was polite, she didn't say anything innapropriate, she just said she couldn't be wrong and didn't need or care to look further into it or anything... Basically the wrong attitude, counter to her job requirements in my opinion. I mean that's her job, to look things up!

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