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Yea I had seen that page but for this kind of review request, the sender has to file it wich would be airsoftglobal in this case. I doubt they will take the time to file anything. I just hope they send it back, maybe free of charge but since it's not really their fault or mine, I have no idea what they will do. I thought about pestering the CBSA to annoy them for 50$ worth, but if I play that game, nothing says they might not just destroy the damn thing, wich they sometimes do.

It seems easier to file a complaint on an SQ officer or a cop then those customs agents! I can't believe they are not held accountable for anything :|

Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I would use one of the contact methods supplied on the following page.

Your current import issue aside I would focus on informing whoever is on the receiving end that you contact of the poor attitude and complete lack of professionalism that you were shown, then request that you wish to speak with someone more competent in regards to your situation.

That's all I can really offer.

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