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Question Is there any recourse against incompetent CBSA customs agents ?

Here's my story (part rant, part question): I ordered a G&P G36k front end kit from airsoftglobal by FedEx express. It was taking a while so I called up FedEx wich informed me to call up customs in Montreal to see why they were holding it for so long. Turns out it was classified as a prohibited part, calling it a lower receiver.
These are the parts:

Clearly for us it has nothing to do with a receiver but the customs agent not being an airsoft expert, I can see that it was maybe a mistake. But then I talk to her, she says that it's a lower receiver from her expertise and that she doesn't want to look at it or look it up on the internet.

Now acording to article 56 of the D19-13-2 Memorandum related to airsoft (wich I mention to her) she has to make a bit of research but she promptly replies "I don't care". Now I'm baffled at such a retarded answer and there isn't much I can do on the phone if the person doesn't want to hear reason. I even tried to talk to her superior wich she of course refused.

Now my question in all this is, is there any recourse or action I could take to point out her incompetence (wich will result in me wasting/losing 50$ on shipping again since airsoftglobal will try to send it back)? Formal complaint or something? I'm sure it must've happened to somebody else here, so what did you do about it?

Here's article 56 btw:

56. If you need more information on the capacity of a given device to inflict injury, its muzzle velocity, its resemblance to a real firearm, or any other technical matter, detain the shipment and:
(a) use the FRT;
(b) consult the regional RFC or RIFLO (in doing so, please provide all available information about the device in question, such as instruction manual (if available), photos, name & model of the device, manufacturer, calibre, etc.); or
(c) conduct research via the internet (especially the web sites of manufacturers, distributors and retailers if applicable).

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