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A 12 year old kids conscience isn't developed into what it should be yet. Doesn't mean they shouldn't be held accountable for their actions. Parents are not always able to supervise every single action of their kids- gotta extend trust to them sometime. If they screw the trust, they pay the price. Any crime committed w/ a weapon, wether real or not should be treated as such. I don't know canadian law, but in TX,USA, they are charged w/ juvenile assault according to the severity of the crime. The judge determines the punishment doled out according to circumstances. Just charging a crime using a airsoft as the weapon, should be same as assault w/ RS according to crime. Let the punishment fit the crime. This should not be an excuse to ban AS as a sport. My mind is a weapon, how do you want to ban that? Labotomy- just try. If you care about your sport up north-just do the best you can in your area to educate little kids in proper gun control. When I was a kid, the men in my family taught gun control to me, even when I was using toy guns, right through to the real steel.

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