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Dedicated section for Missions and Scenarios?

Suggestion : we should have a specific board for missions and scenarios. Always useful to see in one single place what others do and ideas they have.

Why am I posting this? About 5 days ago I posted a scenario for others to enjoy. I posted it on the "General" board (since it's about everything and anything airsoft).

The theme of the mission is based on Resident Evil (but could be based on pretty much anything). Someone moved the post to the Themed section of the boards in movie-sci-fi.

I realized that pretty much no one reads that section (only 105 views after 5 days when regular posts get hundreds of views in less then a day). The same mission posted on a specific mission-board on gathered a lot of interest.

Now, I don't care about my own particular post (although I'd like people to benefit from it) but this made me realize that looking for missions/scenarios on this board is not easy (they can be pretty much anywhere and nowhere) and that we have nowhere to post non-themed missions and scenarios.

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