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I got into airsoft for the realism behind it all, but there is one thing about airsoft that pisses me right off. I have seen too many guys run around with highly upgraded airsoft guns, using Lipo batteries, giving the gun a similar rate of fire to that of a speedballers paintball gun. To me this is not "realistic" and still so many people in the airsoft community do it. I feel like too many airsofters share the "speedballer" mentality yet because their gun doesn't have a hopper full of paintballs they say its more realistic.

Realism to me is so much more than just what the gun looks like. I have no use for a gun that chews through plastic, yet so many other airsofters depend on it. I run semi auto most of the time, and I choose my shots. Sadly there are too many guys out there that spray as much as they can at a target, hoping they get the kill. In my opinion this leaves much "realism" to be desired. I find there is a lot of "realism" actually missing from the airsoft scene here in Canada, yet so many preach about it being so important.

Just my two cents

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