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Boys will be boys. I didn't have airsoft when I was a kid but I still slung mud at girls and shot them with water guns. Unfortunately wal-mart-soft gives them much more dangerous weapons. I don't know what can possibly done to change this system aside from banning airsoft sales completely from retail stores and classifying airsoft and airguns both under an adult licensing system as in the UK. That would be perfect.
I once threw sand in a girl's eyes.
Thought it'd be like a cool ninja escape tactic. I was ALOT younger than 14 though (hell, my brother is 14, he's in grade 9 I think. When I was in grade 9 I wouldnt think of doing any stupid shit like that.)

You think at 14 these kids would be smarter, I mean they probably don't have a clue what damage was capable. Imagine if these kids had pellet guns or something, which brings me to the thought that there have probably been quite alot of pellet gun incidents over the years, but I guess you never hear about them. Something tells me society wants to get up in a riot over this stuff, hearing about replica firearm robberies and dumbass kids who are just screwing us over.
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