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Any room for props/costumes in airsoft?

Hello everyone, kind of new sorry if it's been answered previously.

Let's start like this. I've never played Airsoft. I used el cheapo clearsofts from Canadian Tire and that's it.

But, I love paintball and I'm sure I'd love airsoft, when I'm 18 ()

Anyway, my big hobby these days is replicating props from Movies or video games.

Like I've seen on ebay a Army of Two mask for airsoft.

But how is it on the field? Is it used? Is it worth the investment (time and money to actually make the prop). I have no intention to make a AoT costume, don't worry. But the end result is the same.

Is a "prop" helmet allowed on a field.

Considered it's casted in hard plastic and possibly backupd with fiberglass inside?

Thank you very much, and sorry for my average english.
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