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Originally Posted by Happy_Mommy View Post
Whatever the helll they are doing is not happening anytime soon, there site has been down for ages. P.S. I bought a G&G M16 Advanced from thoses guys and it said it came with a tighbore barrel. So I paid for this advanced model gun (including the barrel) and I received the gun..... but not the upgraded inner barrel! I told them this and they said that for some reason they did not include the tighbore barrels in those guns for there first wave of shipments, but my friend who (just days ago) bought the same gun as me for the same price, received his gun, and an extra tight bore inner barrel. Please tell me what i should do to get the damn barrel i paid for.
1. Stop threadjacking
2. Return it for a full refund
3. Get AV'd
4. Buy from a reputable retailer

In that order
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