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Originally Posted by StrikeFreedom View Post
True, but i think it looks cool and unique lol. yes i watched too many movies.

and just curious, is there a name for each of these camo? i mean the last few ones are......
#10 is Savage Orange..strictly fashion but I have been looking for the jacket[can only find pants] for motorcycling or construction work,in order to BE SEEN. Ditto for #9,
Stinger Yellow
#11 only looks good on Negroes, pimp or rapper wear Caucasians would only get laughed at but its called Ultra Violet.
#4 Sky Blue is a good alternative for pilots lounging around the base but NOT for field work, however, I like the variant Midnight , Subdued Urban[no white] and I can't find the URL but there is a Subdued Sky Blue that has no white either and is darkened, the others are self-explanatory ,will edit once I find the URL.:
first one..
Here's the one I like but I'm kicking myself because it's Propper and looks like its discontinued....damn me for procrastinating, now it looks like I may never get one:
Silly me, I never thought these variants would be popular but at least 250 people disagree with me, they're sold out!
Remembering that Google/Yahoo/Bing can be friends....I think I found CDN dealers for Midnight Camo.
Or just go with Skladfin's recommendation and get multicam for starters.
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