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Originally Posted by StrikeFreedom View Post
i always see forest/desert types of camo. if im going for a swat/urban look, whats this camo called?

It's called Urban. :|

... and it's useless.

Wearing a navy blue, dark grey, or coyote brown is more effective (in my opinion) as the contrasting white of "urban" camo is REALLY easy to pick out if you're setup in the darker corner of a scenario.

To elaborate further: Navy Blue is optimal for night. The eyes focus on the "dead space" which black creates at night. Coyote brown is appropriate too, as it's color is "smart looking" for urban ops, and provides basic camouflage in the woods. Dark grey is better than black, but worse than Navy Blue, in terms of creating dead space... The benefit of grey is that it is the same colour as concrete... and thus blends in to most urban settings.

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