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Most accuracy for the $$

I haven't purchased my first AEG yet but generally educate myself thoroughly so as to spend my money wisely. Currently I'm looking at the SCR M4 RIS. It seems to be a good bang for the $. I'm trying to get a better understanding on what improvements can be made to improve accuracy. What factors do you feel are most relevant for accuracy: Barrel length, BB size or barrel size? I'm trying to decide between the SCR M4 models (maybe even the M16) and trying to take into account barrel length in regards to accuracy.

One factor for me is that I'm only 5'6" so a M4 would be the best bet for metastability of the stock. My next issue is that I'm not sure I'd want an AEG with a long barrel because it would really hamper maneuverability. Can I get away with a mid length tight bore and get reasonable accuracy? I understand I could also opt for 25grams bbs but that also adds up in price. I'd primarily like to play outdoors in the woods.

Thanks for helping me make this all clear in my head before I spend the money.

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