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Question on topic of Camo and colours

Hey guys,

Just had a quick question about camo and kit colours.

I'm in the middle of kitting myself out so I'm at least a little prepared for my first game when I hit it. I realize it's kind of impossible to know what types and kinds of gear to get exactly as I haven't even gone to a game yet but I wanted to started with some basic ideas, more specifically colours.

For outdoor games, what do the good majority of players swear by for BDU's? I see a lot of CADPAT going up for sale so I guess that's pretty good, but what other types?
Also, for vests and that type of gear, do most people also swear by CADPAT? Or would relatively plainer looking rigs in say, OD still be fine?
I'm also wondering if there is a place for colours like khaki and/or tan on the Canadian field? (yeah you can definitely tell I've never been to a game).
Thanks in advance!

P.S. Why do soldiers in movies sometimes wear black gear with desert BDU patterns in the desert (a la black hawk down, transformers 2, etc.). I realize movies aren't always the best reference for realistic loadouts and such, but just wondering why they could've opted for that.
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