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Originally Posted by Silent_Angel View Post
Is there a general assembly guide to a Airsoft M4 that some can direct me to.
not the mechbox take down, thats in but a general assembly of the body (dust cover, forward assist, hopup assembly/installatio, delta ring, stock and etc.)

Probly some based for TM guns since its like an airsoft standard.
I do not know of any specific videos for assembly of the armalite receiver furniture.

Bolt catch assembly is simple depending on the brand of your gun. With the upper half of your receiver off just drop the bolt catch in, some brands you even secure it with a pin.

Selector can be a pain but very straight forward.

Forward assist, unless you have an ICS, its relatively easy. Its a spring you put into the hole and then place the fake assist button in place.

There are some videos for hopup assembly on you tube, and the other details regarding D ring and stock removal are in the video listed above.

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