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Originally Posted by brixx View Post
the kjw will give a fps of around 450 which is not allowed indoor,but by using HFC134a gas it shoots around 320fps as what I have read in some forums and even posted on some retailer store.
Where are you getting this 450 fps figure? Did you chrony this? KJW M9 typically shoots 300-320 fps with .2g BB. Most stock pistols are in the 280-320 fps range.

Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
The Source has em...500mL for like 13$
not cheap, don't use it unless you have to because your gun is too fragile etc.
Source has a lot of duster, but it's not 134a (tetrafluoroethane). It's really hard to find it and it generally not available to the public, as it's the stuff you can get high off of. The stuff that Source and other stores sell is trifluoroethane, and it's corrosive to rubber. Using that in an airsoft gun will eat your seals.
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