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Pocket Camera - Mini DV MD80 30FPS Camera for 30$

Hello guys,

This is a little review on a new toy i received today. It's called the MD80. There's many many similar to these around Ebay and China but they are all the same in terms of functions i can ensure you. Some more expensive ones are around 60$ but this one, i got it for 30$ CAD SHIPPED. Which is unbeatable for a 30FPS camera. Also, battery is rechargeable (up to 2hours of recording time). The port it has is an mini-usb which is really great.

So what's included in the box and how well does this sucker perform? Let's check it out!

The box is the size of a disquette box. Not too big , not too small. Inside, you will find a instruction manual, usb cable, wall charger, silicone case, belt clip, webcam stand with different directions and angle, another stand with up and down angle only and finally, a useless mini-cd.

The MD80 or MV80 whatever, is completely made of plastic. Plastic feels great and does not feel the "China" plastic.
Weights less than half a pound i'm pretty sure. Rechargeable battery is a amazing feature.
Colors of choice were silver, black and red. All glossy colors.

This thing is almost half of my CREE Ultrafire Flashlight. Which is about the height and the thickness of an AA battery which is PRETTY small for the 30$ !!!

I had a video which its duration was 4:39 , file size was 234mb , so i can assume, approx, this little thing will eat 0.8374 MB/sec which is a lot considering if you want to record 2hours long game..... for 2hours , it will takes about 7200secs X 0.8374 = 6029.28MB (approx 6GB). This thing records in .AVI format only, you cannot change it. That's why recorded files will come out big. The only way to configure this thing is by creating a txt file ... but your only options are from what i know now, an extra mode of recording. Transfer the txt to the root of the memory card. You can either have it set to "voice activation" or "holding record button". Voice activation is really bad because it will start recording on any noise.

8GB is suggested if you want to fully use the 2hours of recording time (ideally) I am currently using a 4GB microSD.

For 15mins of recording. It's eating 1.47gb !! Here's some videos of Red Invasion 2 1/2 , I will know how to record for the next game This is my first time....

YouTube- SUNP0004 YouTube- SUNP0005
YouTube- SUNP0007.AVI YouTube- SUNP0008.AVI

In conclusion,

The video quality is acceptable for the price you are paying. It is a very compact , affordable and useful toy in my opinion. Not only you can spy film for 2hours but also, record great games for only 30$ CAD shipped --> Found on ebay .... The sound recording is extremely clear , video capturing did not match my games movement though (i'm not lagging in the game, it's the camera that is not able to capture such fast movement) Though, i'm pretty sure, in real time airsoft, this little thing will work pretty well. I will be testing it this saturday under cold conditions and as a player myself
Obviously, this cannot be compared to the CONTOUR HD helmet camera BUT at this price, this is a win, especially if all you want is to film a little bit of your gaming experience and show to the others.

Thank you for reading.
No guns.

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