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KSC M9 Elite IA

Hey there

Received my new toy today, a KSC M9 Elite IA. It's not new but has seen not much action so its like new. I haven't read a lot of reviews about it on the interwebz so I figured I would post one here.

It's this exact gun

Notice it doesnt have the real Beretta trademarks. It does have, however, Elite IA M.I.S.T. Armory Inc. Advanced Series A on one side of the slide, and 92 Brigadier G Cal 9 Parabellum on the other side so there are trade marks, just not official Berettas (it does have BER291473 which seems like a serial code on one side of the body)

The slide is plastic but seems strong enough. There are the usual metal parts Hammer, Trigger etc. but I will buy a metal slide and barrel in the near future. The handle is also ABS and the texture is so-so but its really quite comfortable nonetheless

The overall feel of the gun is very good. It's quite heavy for a mostly ABS gun and it feels very comfortable.

I will post the performances of the gun tomorrow as I dont have anymore propane!
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