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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
Moral requirement: Lock your guns or at the very least, keep them out of sight.

I'm personnaly not very fond of the wall hanger, unless they are in a locked or dedicated "gun room" that has no windows.
I am in the process of going against that very wise comment. I plan to wall hang much of my gear, including guns. The window near my airsoft workstation is covered with blinds and it is withing my porch. Plus I am very rural. I hope I am being "covert" enough with them, but I have been designing my little workstation for quite some time now. I will get a pegboard for Christmas (I asked Santa at least) and will put it up to hold tools, gear, and guns.

Here is my workstation/office area in my basement:

HaHa, It looks like ASC on the monitor!

Here is the workstation opened up. It stores most of my stuff right now (except uniforms, boots, vests, etc.), but I am getting more stuff all the time. I work on my gear and guns right on top of it:

Finally here is the wall where I will mount the pegboard. I'll move the pictures and cut a hole in the board for the electrical outlet:


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