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Exclamation Damaged from Canada Post

Greetings everyone,
I recently sold my airsoft gun online and shipped it out via Canada post. When it arrived to the buyer he opened the package to find it had already been opened, dismantled and then left in that state. While it was taken apart pieces were broken and parts that had been removed were missing. It was then shipped in pieces to the designated address.
Obviously, the buyer was not impressed and I want to fix this issue. I've been in contact with CP and I am told that I will need to get a repair list from a legit shop, then fax it over to them. I do have insurance on it but since it is repairable they will only pay for the repair.

So I need to know who could do this for me, I know what it all needs to get back up and running, but I need a shop to do the paper work so to speak.

This is the second time this has happened to me thanks to CP, and I'm tired of it.
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