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Originally Posted by Amos View Post

Heavy weight, high quality BB's + CONSISTENT Fps + FPS Matched hop-up rubber + Tight, consistent air seal = good range
Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
sorry guys, didn't care enough to put "BB" in the formula
I was going to post that the weight and quality of the BB is incredibly important. what would you rather be firing? .12 crossman BBs going haywire 2 inches out of your barrel because they are breaking the sound barrier, or some metaltech or BBbastard .25s going almost dead on upwards of 100 feet because they are going at a nice 320 - 330 FPS?

Originally Posted by StrikeFreedom View Post
ah so if actual measured cock size = 0 then range = 0. makes sense
so that is why girls don't play airsoft, it all makes sense now
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