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Also keep in mind that with such short distances you're not going to see a noticeable time difference between the time the BB exits the barrel and hits your target.

v=dt is the basic equation now change that to t =v/d with a 350 FPS guns shooting at a distance of 15 feet (less in most cases) the time it takes for impact will be like nothing (in fact it's 0.042 seconds), now drop that number to 300 (0.05 seconds) or even 280 FPS (0.053 seconds) and although the time for impact will be slightly longer it won't be noticeable at all.

So if I were you what I would do is have a CQB gun setup that shoots at around 280-300 and at that velocity you're likely to not cause as much wear or place as much stress on your gun. Then you have a second gun (or second upper if you have an ICS) which will be your outdoor gun.

NOTE: Some CQB facilities will have limits as low as 320 FPS and really it shouldn't matter how fast your gun shoots especially in CQB situations. Hell for shits and giggles you could even have a gun that shoots 150 FPS and still rock the field (the BB will still hit the target in 0.10 seconds).

EDIT: Typo... Been staring at a computer screen for most of the day so yeah....
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