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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
You won't really see a difference between 0.20g and 0.25g BB in CQB. I mean, real CQB in a building and not a CQB-paintball field. 0.25g bb start to shine beyond 100fts with their nice ballistic.

in CQB, I run my P90 with 0.25g generally, simply because I don't buy 0.20g anymore. I shot my last bag of 0.20g last summer.
I already have two other AEGs, this particular one is going to be my primary which I will probably use for indoor and outdoor matches while I have a secondary which is perfect for CQB as it shoots roughly 310 fps using 0.20. And the third one is for backup if shit hits the fan. So considering the above, wouldn't it be best for me to switch to a m90 spring and 0.25 already?
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