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When shooting at stuff that are 50fts and closer, you have to conciver your hight over bore. That mean that you have to aim higher by the amount of distance between your barrel and sight.

Let's use a P90 with an aimpoint for example, since this weapon has a high HoB. Let's imagine that between the red dot and my barrel, I have 10cm. That mean that up close, like in your bedroom, you would have to aim 10cm above your target to hit it.

When setting your hopup, you should have a long range with little to no wind. Long like 200+ feets.

Your hopup setting can change over time and it's good practice to check your setting before a game. Some tweeking to account for BB type, temperature and fps (if upgrades or maintenance was done) can be required.

You should then set your sight for the max effective range of your weapon. That is just before your BB start to fall.

Iron sights are fine. Red dot help for indoor shooting and sight picture aquisition time. It will affect your acuracy by allowing you to aim faster.

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