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I just had a question about the Hop up it's self, I was wondering could the hop up rubber or component become loose? You know in mid fight from wear and tear at all, I mean I fear I might find myself adjusting my hop hop as I'm trying to make a hit on a target that is moving, cause my hop up adjustment tab dropped my hop up too high or too low.

Or is the only way that hop up will move is if I adjust it?

I've been trying to find the sweet spot with the iron sights, but being restriced to setting up a target in my spare bedroom in my apartent I can't really judge how straight i'm aiming since it's only going about 20 ft.

That being said is there a way I can.. I don't know how to ask this... lets just say if your looking down the iron sight and your black sight is pretty much covering your target and you have to aim your weapon a little up to shoot right where you want it just above the sight but still in the circle (using an mp5 ironsights). I understand that once additional distance is applied to me and my target, is thier a way I need to aim to calcuate inconsistency of the BB's straightness? or would getting a Red dot help the accuracy, as well as help determine where to aim according to hop up?

Should I:

B: account for large distance and set the hop up just a little higher then straight so that eventually the bb will level out across the plain to the target?

C: Calculate the hop up as straight as the BB fires from the barrel and hope it stays straight through out the duration of the flight. I'm shooting at what should be 320fps - 330fps with .2 out the box, I did purcahse some .28 for outdoors but it looks i may need to re adjust my hop up if i'm going to use those bbs.

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