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It's a noob thing to think that a longer barel will give better range. Actually, it's a paintball myth.

Here is one fact, tested and proved by the Mythbusters.

At equal distance from the ground, if you drop a bullet, it will touch the ground at the same time as the one your fired in a horizontal way. That mean, fps does NOT influence the rate at witch a projectile drop.

Back to airsoft, what will influence range is the hopup and BB weight. Acuracy will depend on fps, hopup, BB, wind, barrel and whatnot.

For a sniper rifle, you only want high fps to either shoot a heavy BB at a nice velocity, or to reach your target quickly, making hitting moving target easyer.

Like Stalker said, shooting at "medium" fps, such as 360fps and using a sniper grade BB (.30g) will give you great result. Also proved by the ATP formulas (Airsoft Trajectory Project) that state that the best BB weight is .29g and best results are around 350 and 450fps. Best result being the longest effective range with a workable projectile trajectory (no double arc like on high fps rifles).

Doubles arcs are caused by high fps rifle with a hopup tuned for a max effective range. Your BB will start to drop slighly and then start to climb abruptly as his fps diminish in flight, then reach it's apex wich would be the desired point of impact at max effective range, and then start to drop again. If you can't acuratly estimate your target range, shooting such a rifle is a serious pain in the ass and you will think you are shooting all over the place.

Solution: heavyer BB, lower fps, or simply lower fps.

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