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FPS and BBs weight

I ordered a new AEG and the website from which I bought it from state that it has a rough estimate of 400 fps using .20 BBs. This website in the past has proven to be reliable as the last AEG I bought from them was rated at 350 fps and shooted at 340 out of the box.

I am fully aware I could replace the stock M120 spring to a M90 or M100 but I've read somewhere that disassembling this very AEG was a chore and taking into consideration that I have never opened a gearbox before that isn't something I would like to try at the very moment.

How would I go about loading .28 / .30 instead of the usual .20? This website here suggests that using that particular mass would reduce the fps bellow 350.

0.20 at 400 fps = 122 m/s and 1.49 Joules
0.30 at 327 fps = 100 m/s and 1.49 Joules

Now I'm no rocket scientist but theses numbers above tells me that both BBs will cause the same amount of energy on impact but one being under 350 fps. Now the question is, would my AEG using 0.30 BBs and shooting under 350 fps be accepted in a CQB game limited to 350 and bellow fps?
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