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Use the search, there's a pleathora of topic on it.

Short answer:

1. Yes. A&K, recently licensed by PTS. PTS is supposed to be working on their own of the more recent version, the Remington ACR.

2. No.

Originally Posted by ujiro View Post
There are 2 out currently. G&P Masada and A&K Masada. No plans (AFAIK) to make it, but I'm sure someone has tried contacting them and is working towards it. Who knows.
The G&P is the PTS-licensed A&K Masada, but with upgraded internals. It's still the A&K tho.

I don't know if you're talking about me, but I did contact them (before they were licensed with PTS) and they could produce it. I was able to bring the min. order req. to 2x 200 (from an initial 1000), but I couldn't negociate more without a canadian retailer/distributor stepping in. And none was interested.

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