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Originally Posted by Amos View Post

(Heavy weight, high quality BB's + CONSISTENT Fps + FPS Matched hop-up rubber + Tight, consistent air seal) x actual measured cock size = good range
Sorry, had to fix your equation. Hehe

One way to look at what higher fps does to your BB in flight is to picture the rpm of the backspin. Heavier BBs require more hop up, higher fps means the backspin will be faster. Faster backspin can actually make the BB unstable and a denser pocket of air between you and your target can actually make your BB veer off by a LOT in as little distance as 100ft. I saw this more often than I cared for in my M24 when I was running it at 500fps, my 0.29g, 0.30g or 0.36g (Straights) would end up having a flyer go severly off track maybe every 4-5 shots, within 100ft. Since I downgraded my M24 earlier this year to 400fps, I haven't seen the problem again.

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