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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
New players often think and ask as well, and ALWAYS want their new gun to be upgraded to 400fps just because they think that all the vet players run their guns at that velocity and will outrange them by a long shot. Fact is, heavier BBs are the key to range, not the velocity they are shot at. And for a BB with a backspin, lots of guns are are happiest (aka. shooting the farthest) sitting at around 360fps w/0.20g BBs, and the guys are running those guns with 0.28g BBs. I had my MP5A5 shooting 360fps and clearing 0.28g BBs past 200ft easily a few years back. My other MP5 with the longer tightbore in it and shooting close to 400fps was barely reaching 150ft.
QFT. My G36 is sitting around 360FPS with a tightbore, and my range and accuracy with 0.28g is excellent.

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