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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
to add to the mix:

my stock ak @ 280fps with just a 229mm tightbore was shooting nearly as far as people with upgraded AR's and MP5's.

so yes, there's a fine point between fps and range but higher fps doesn't always equal better range
Is that a TM AK? Their hop-up is fantastic.

Originally Posted by Skladfin
fps + good hop up = good range

thats the formula
Agree. Hop up is king though. My PDW is getting quite weak, the spring is ancient, and yet the range is incredible. The thing is shooting 245fps with .20g bbs right now. Accuracy is awesome as well, despite the 141mm barrel, the gun is more accurate than many armalites, and my own Famas. i.e. guns with barrels over 3X the length. It's all thanks to the TM hop-up.

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