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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
to add to the mix:

my stock ak @ 280fps with just a 229mm tightbore was shooting nearly as far as people with upgraded AR's and MP5's.

so yes, there's a fine point between fps and range but higher fps doesn't always equal better range
I've been running my M24 all year sitting at around 397fps, and all I've been using has been Bastard 0.36g BBs. Is easy to get consistant shots out past 200ft with it. Past four years though I was running around 500fps and never had the consistancy I have now, and the range wasn't really increased by the higher fps. Benefit of my running a 400fps rifle besides the above is that I can shoot guys a lot closer now (minimum is 60ft now, before I'd avoid shooting guys within 120ft), good for surgical shooting.
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