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to anyone looking for guns on ebay

just a heads up to anyone browsing ebay for a deal on guns.
to date ive had pretty good luck buying a few used guns on ebay ( mostly for wall hangers) but right now there are a handfull of listings of what apears to be some "great deals" by a seller named electronicsrus*101 .
after some issues with how he was going about the deal ( way to long to tell here) i finaly was able to get a tracking number for the item ( dboys RK-03 ak74) well, turns out the gun is being shipped from hong kong! not ontario where it had said in the ad on ebay.
I'm aware of the importing laws on airsoft guns and know its buyer-be-ware, and i know i most likely will never see the gun get through customs, i can take the hit money wise, but i just dont want any one else ending up in my shoes.

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